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We've all had those relationships we'd rather forget than sit and dwell upon, and for Rosy(Halston Sage) it was the same.It was just regular Uni ‘fresher’s’ house party with her friends and lots of new people to meet. Through the course of the evening she befriends a new boy called James(cam gigandet).
Rosy had progressively got more and more tipsy, so her friends and James felt it best to take her home. A couple of days later she receives a text message from James saying “miss you “but she had never given him her number , How strange?
The fun was over and everybody began to work hard in their chosen subjects. James and Rosy started to spend more and more time together and after 2 months were now an item.
Whilst visiting James at his flat, Rosy was left alone in his room when one afternoon Rosey checks James’s computer what she finds sends her into confustion .what did all this mean? How could she carry on as normal when this felt so weird ?

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james (CONT'D)
Stop it , stop moving around and walk properly , I don't want to hurt you again, just trust me it's going to be okay.
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James sit down we need to talk.
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you just need to listen to me its not what it looks like im completely innocent.
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James removes Rosie's blind fold so that it makes it easier for her to walk but he continues frustratedly through the darkened forest. Rosie can feel her heart pumping so hard it feels like it going to come out of her chest, she has tears in her eyes from the arctic cold wind blowing continuously into her face. James is still pullinbg her but at this point Rosie can take no more and pulls away from him and makes a run for it , she starts rolling down the hill in the midnight forest, but there was no use James was right behind her and jumps on op of her to restrain her ,he lays on op of her and she can smell his cologne and him breathing heavily she lays there beneath him not knowing what his next move will be , her heart raceing , her body ng
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The van progressively comes to a halt and the back doors swing open

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