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An aging physics professor possesses a secret machine that everyone, his colleagues, the government, and a variety of agents, wants to get a hold of. It may be a means for travel to the very edges of the universe. The billionaire donor that is funding the professor's project has mysteriously vanished. One government agent is sent in posing as a new teacher with instructions to befriend the professor and find out he is doing and, if possible, get control of the machine. But the agent soon discovers that the answers to all his questions and fears can be found behind the locked door of the professor's office.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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COSGROVE leans in closer. His voice down to a near whisper.
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SILL is shuffling through papers on the lecture table as students file by. One student, the young woman, stops.
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It's a simple proposal. I have a prototype for your machine, professor.
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