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Informative web series about the constantly growing world of sim racing!

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OMG! I don't even have time to finish reading it right now, but so far so good. I'll call you when I'm free. STuck at work and sons Bday party today. Off tue/Wed.
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Agustin was involved in a motorcycle crash that left him with no function of his legs since 1997. His start on simacing started early but in 2011, he discovered iracing and has been a regular on that platform ever since. He's explained to me how racing was difficult at first, but a group of fellow racers helped him out and he was able to customize his rig with paddle contollers. Agustin is deeply involved wih the "Simulacionline" and they've developed a brotherhood of racers that do nothing less than help each other out, compete and treat each other equally. If you would like to see more of Augustin's set up, just follow the link below

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