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Maddie flinches when he touches her, feeling the overwhelming sense of danger emanating from his very being. Danger signals are snapping everywhere for her and her mind starts moving into overdrive to figure a way out of the situation.
MaigraBeltran17 inserted an action in "INT.BEDROOM - NIGHT" on 10/07/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 19 other changes. more
The phone starts dialing and Maddie paces in a frustrated pace as the phone rings and rings and rings.
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Julia pulls out a set of keys from her back pocket and holds them out in front of Maddie.
MaigraBeltran17 edited an action in "INT.BEDROOM - NIGHT" on 10/06/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 2 other changes. more
Joey throws the phone across the room, and the screen shatters upon impact. Joey grabs a crawling Maddie off the floor and kneels down to her level.
MaigraBeltran17 inserted dialogue in "INT.BEDROOM - NIGHT" on 10/06/2014. MaigraBeltran17 made 77 other changes. more
Oh, you are really going to regret that.

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