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A documentary about the wonderful inhabitants of the Badlands

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Narrator (CONT'D)
Luckily, with their food source secured for the rest of the season, the Scoots are free to wipe out the nearby group that has been threatening their friends the Hoovies. A perfect agreement between two noble partners in trade.
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The Gibusvision. The most hate filled, repulsive, vile creature to dwell in the Badlands. They are utterly inedible by all but the most desperate hunters, and while they are easily wiped out by almost every other predator, they manage to spawn faster than any living thing could keep up with. They are a constant plague affecting all the noble citizens of the Badlands.
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So comes the spring, and so the cycle of life continues. For now, the Sollybirds have migrated back to the Fertile lands of the Hightower, and the Sphee mating season is just ended. In this time of plenty, so too do the Scoots mate and induct some new young members into the Tribe. This will be a great year for them, with many successful hunts, and not a single member lost. Thank you all for accompanying us on this wonderful journey, and the next time you see a Scoot, I hope you give these noble creatures the respect they deserve.
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The Scoots jump from the upper battlements to the hightower, and at first the Sollybirds jump out of reach, the Scoots activate Soda Poppers (hidden) and jump up to catch them, and slaughter a few before the rest fly further off.

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