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Quick pitch

Jason is a secant dude. Oliver is a tangent dude. As a result they argue a lot.
They start to realize that they live in a society that is indifferent, film and alienation is their way out
This film is a mixture of the mechanical, creative, the mathematical and the intersection(s) of all of these things

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Jason: What are you doin
Oliver: I am taking the objects around me and arranging them into tangential configurations in my mind, both mathematically and in terms of a… tangential thinking pattern Jason: Idiot Oliver: I am just trying to do something different by creating a rich and innovative cerebral experience Jason: Can’t really argue with that, society doesn’t understand that it’s really about creating or making a difference, not merely being different. Self-indulgence is a current, unrestrained entity. Oliver: You see, society doesn’t care for how we think. They don’t care if I think in tangents and you think in secants. They are indifferent to our thinking patterns, to how we do things. It is time to make the public alienate themselves from the constraints of ordinary, consumerist thinking. Jason: How do you think we should go about doing that, I mean it’s a large challenge Oliver: We’ll just wait it out and plan
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