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On almost every planet in the universe a tiny kind of animal exists. They are known as many different names, but most commonly they are called the shadows that melt flesh. They live in swarms, and feed mostly on roadkill. Occasionally however a hiker will go missing, or a person will disappear.

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THEPLAYSTAH added an action in "Scene 6: The End" on 06/10/2013. THEPLAYSTAH made 6 other changes. more
A news reporter is shown with the wrecked house of Officer Murphy in the background. The sound is dimmed, and credits scroll over the screen.
THEPLAYSTAH edited the scene titled "Scene 5: Officer Murphy" on 06/10/2013. THEPLAYSTAH made 2 other changes. more
THEPLAYSTAH edited an action in "Scene 4: The Police" on 06/10/2013. THEPLAYSTAH made 9 other changes. more
Officer murphy gets into his squad car and heads back to the station, finishes his day and heads home to his family.
THEPLAYSTAH added an action in "Scene 3: The Wife" on 06/10/2013. THEPLAYSTAH made 5 other changes. more
The Wife walks into the bedroom and lies down.
THEPLAYSTAH edited an action in "Scene 3: The Wife" on 06/07/2013. THEPLAYSTAH made 4 other changes. more
Widow screams in frustration.

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