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"Sorry if this is rude but, if you had a choice between keeping your life but staying in complete hell or getting my life taken away so that i can work for the same people who got my father killed and have to live in not so bad but damaging and life threatening hell to one day have my life ripped out of me quite literally after I want to leave then I think I would go with the first one."
In the year 2618 when humankind has grown so much that we expanded our homes to fill our solar system and be protected by the UNPD ( United Nations Planetary Defense), some cadets to be who have had rough lives and turned to crime must leave their lifes behind them as they are trained to protect their solar system from anything and anyone in the UNPD's academy.
As the people they have become, even in the academy where they were told they could have better lives, they are treated like shit.
They see a friendship they can form and soon become a great team but will they have what it takes to win a war, defeat a swarm of aliens or even destroy an army of robots.

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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Tristan rolls back onto his back and then jumps back up again. He walks over to the cells' gate and whispers out to the guards.
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Soldier findlers
Well the commander wanted us to try and see these kids into our army and we have been doing it a whille now so I thought we might get back out there.
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INT. Ext: A road on earth-Night time
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