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Avery Hazel is not a very social person, even though she is on the cheerleading squad. Not many people notice her, and those that do don't like her very much. She comes home to find her younger sister getting ready to go out with some friends one friday afternoon. Avery's sister asks her what she has planned, and Avery tells her that she has nothing planned. They end up getting in a huge argument about how Avery doesn't have any friends and how no guys will ever like her. A few weeks later, school came to an end and summer began. During summer, she becomes popular and thats when her life starts going downhill. It ends with her as valledictorian at her graduation.

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Oh I don't, believe me. I just think it's sad that you have to stay home while I get to go out and have fun on a Friday night.
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INT. Ext. Leaving campus grounds- day.
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