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Quick pitch

A foolish yet loveable stick figure like character named bubbles, who lives in fictional like utopia world called “Felizeville” where every thing is perfect and everyone is happy. Every thing changes one when bubbles perfect day is ruined and he must go on an amazing adventure to find the so call “Source of Happiness” and while on his trip he finds the one thing he never had ………FRIENDS. Bubbles later finds out that this is the true source of happiness.

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LuisZuluaga edited a slugline in "Scene 2" on 07/26/2010. LuisZuluaga made 2 other changes. more
INT. (we see bubbles get ready for his day we are still unaware of his goal he is is in his house like the rest of his world its perfect).
LuisZuluaga added an action in "Scene 13" on 07/26/2010. LuisZuluaga made 20 other changes. more
(They all start dancing while music starts playing, The scen ends as the its zoom's out. THE END)
LuisZuluaga inserted an action in "scene 12" on 07/24/2010. LuisZuluaga made 16 other changes. more
(They start slowly walking toward the tent).
LuisZuluaga added dialogue in "scene 12" on 07/24/2010. LuisZuluaga made 4 other changes. more
oh no sparks it looks like were going to fall, HELP HELP.
LuisZuluaga added dialogue in "scene 12" on 07/24/2010. more
Hold on Sparks were going to climb this mountain together.

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