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This screenplay is about a crew on board the ship USGS (Universal Space Government Ship) Raven which is an exploration ship to help unite the Galaxy. It is captained by Alex Leo Phantom. His brother Johathan Phantom is an engineer on his ship. The story is set a few months after Alex picks up the raven and gets his crew together. They go on journeys and run into many different species of alien. After the captain and his crew of another ship get captured and most likely slaughtered in an unknown region no one wants to go looking for that crew except Alex who hasn't gone anywhere that memorable. Most of his crew doesn't want to go with him but he later gets a crew who are willing to go on a sucide mission to search and rescue the best captain and his crew in the universe.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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MusicMaster commented on the scene "The USGS Raven." a year ago. more
His rise to captain seems even quicker than that from Star Trek Online.
MusicMaster commented on the outline. a year ago. more
Seems like something that could possibly get made.
Trissy added an action in "Test scene" a year ago. Trissy made 36 other changes. more
The screen cuts back to Alex sleeping in his bed at nine in the morning then his brother walks into his large bedrrom with clothes strewn everywhere. Johnathan then slaps Alex in the face and tells him that he has a test in half an hour.

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