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The story of a stolen iphone from the iphone's perspective

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Dash9615 added a comment to The Stolen iPhone on 12/18/2011. Dash9615 made 1 other comment and 3 other changes. more
I like it! I think how the phone gets to the theater at the end should be different. But this is AWESOME.
TheBKK54 edited dialogue in "iPhone Movie" on 12/13/2011. TheBKK54 made 16 other changes. more
Employee (CONT'D)
Hey is this "GIRL FRIEND"?
This is "EMPLOYEE" from WHATEVER Theater. I think I found "IPHONE GIRL"'s iPhone.
Yeah, I walked out after locking up and it was just laying on the sidewalk.
Yea, that's cool. I'll just be waiting out front.
Alright, I'll see you in a bit.
TheBKK54 added a shot in "This is your first scene." on 12/12/2011. TheBKK54 made 104 other changes. more

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