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(slowly looks at Dylan)
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Opening scene, short version of credits, title, glancing angles of Dylan n' Chase. Shortly after, Laura (in stereotypical jogger gear) starts jogging down the park path a ways in front of the two stoners. They enjoy the scene for a bit before a wild yeti appears from the the nearby flora. The yeti grabs Laura with a pillow case but Dylan n' Chase are unphased by the scene. Glancing shots of between the two guys and Laura being kidnapped. It takes a few seconds for Dylan to realize what just happened.
TGutshall added a comment to The Stoner Adventures of Dylan & Chase on 04/24/2012. more
I think that this will be an exceptional piece, and I can not wait to see the finished piece
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INT. Setting: Dylan and chase on a park bench with a smoking bowl of Cannabis sitting between Them. They're Blankly Staring Across the park. (Wanted dread or alive is playing)

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