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The Civil War/ Underground Railroad IPW.
Starring Xavier, Joshua, Saddiq, Kaylee, and Jasmine.

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Kashi117 added a comment to The Story of Jack Richards a year ago. more
I think our movie turn out great and we worked hard and we did a very good job. :)
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Narrator 1(kaylee)
So the Civil War lasted 4 years but the freedom of African-Americans was won. Jack Richards lived to be 100 years old and was a big part in starting the Civil Rights Movement. P.S. Even if Jack Richards is a fictional character his story is a great depiction of life in the 1800s for African-Americans.
Kashi117 added a comment to The Story of Jack Richards a year ago. more
This has alot of description that really makes the story come to life. :)
Kombet added dialogue in "Scene 3" a year ago. Kombet made 13 other changes. more
Mrs.waters (Jasmin)
Go to that man over ther
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