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This story is a modern day fairytale of The Three Little Pigs about three little girls who all live in their independent lives at their own homes. Their happy lives are corrupt by a homeless man named Crockett. One of the girls journey is to save her sisters and live happy ever after.

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LaurencioJ edited an action in "Shopping at the Mall" on 03/01/2011. LaurencioJ made 2 other comments and 23 other changes. more
Briana and Lia, obtained clothes at the mall and exit out. Suddenly Lia's phone rings with her ringtone being Bring it Back Travis Porter.
keenanbriana added a comment to The Three Little Girls on 03/01/2011. more
You have a lot of spelling errors in the action part of your scenes.
gervonbrowning added dialogue in "Briana's Home" on 02/28/2011. more
keenanbriana joined the project! on 02/28/2011. more
gervonbrowning added dialogue in "Briana's Home" on 02/18/2011. gervonbrowning made 4 other changes. more
You know how I throw down child.

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