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A man lives in his apartment, by himself. He sits in his couch and stares out the window, thinking about life. Thinking about love. He is caught with the sudden ideal that, maybe, love is the answer to his problems.

A lonely mail-woman visits his house every day at six to give him mail. This is the only time he has with anybody else. He quickly realizes that he must make a move or his life will slip away from his fingers.

This is the story of that man, his Mexican neighbor, and the love of his life.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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TOM walks away. WALKER continues to walk forward.
Fetalisk edited an action in "The Time of Our Lives" a year ago. more
SPENCER is running in SLOW MOTION while the song "Stirred, not Shaken" plays in the background. SPENCER reaches WALKER and kneels over him. There is a brief moment of no movement -- SPENCER suddenly slaps WALKER in the face. WALKER immediately wakes up. WALKER looks at JAIME. WALKER asks if she is telling the truth. JAIME complies. WALKER quickly stands up and JUMPS in the AIR in EXCITEMENT -- the screen freezes, and the credits begin to roll.
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Heinz Kiessling - Lady Love
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Don't You Forget About Me

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