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A whigger gets sucked back in time and learns a little bit about his fake heritage AND himself.

Project Type: Skit (1 min or less)

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(OPENING SEQUENCE) WHIGGER comes out of gas station with Arizona Fruit Punch in hand, takes a drink and in the corner of his eye, he sees a shining, unsmoked menthol cigarette. His eyes widen, he smiles and he reaches down to pick up the treasure he has just found. He goes around the corner to get out of the wind and light the smoke. As soon as he takes a puff, light surrounds him and he disappears in a flash.
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I am appalled, sir, that you would try to make me look bad in front of the President of the United States! I will NOT sit down. Especially not when told by a ruffian such as yourself.
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Good sir, what is your name?

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