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This story is about a girl who has been with her boyfriend for 3 years. But on their 3rd anniversary the guy calls it off. The girl can't believe it she is so lost and confused. Because of this she feels as if love doesn't really exist and she hates everyone who thinks they are in love. She tells everyone that love is not real and she becomes really weird and a very anti social person. So in school when she sees people being all “lovey dubby” it drives her so crazy that all she wants to do is kill those people because she is very jealous of them. One day the guy that dumped the girl tries to get back with her. He goes back saying how sorry he is and that he really wants her back. This makes the girl happy but then she realizes what she has done and that she hates herself for what she has done. So since she can't live with what she has done she decides to tell her ex boyfriend that it was her who did all that and she kills herself.

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Logan: Love you too babe.
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John: yes Becky, I'm sorry. I wish things could be different but I don't want to change you, you are who you are and I wouldn't want you to be someone your not. Bye Becky (starts exiting)

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