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soccerninja007 edited an action in "Opening: Field-Trip Day" on 03/08/2014. more
Birds singing, sunlight creeping across the sky. The marquee outside Madisonville Elementary reads "Last week of school! Have fun this summer!"
soccerninja007 added a new scene titled "Inciting Incident" on 02/27/2014. more
soccerninja007 edited an action in "Opening: Field-Trip Day" on 02/27/2014. soccerninja007 made 4 other changes. more
LOUIE is in the driveway shooting hoops with his older brother when his mother brings out their backpacks for them.
soccerninja007 inserted an action in "Opening: Field-Trip Day" on 01/30/2014. soccerninja007 made 25 other changes. more
FLORA MARTINEZ is sitting at the bus stop with a water bottle in-hand. DARNELL WINFIELD sits next to her reading a book. FLORA hiccups frequently much to DARNELL's annoyance - she drinks from her water bottle and shoots him an apologetic glance.
soccerninja007 created this project! on 01/23/2014. more

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