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Ike Hansen is sent as the Captain of the Ultimatum Special Forces to a distant planet to battle an encroaching enemy: the FLF. Along with intense action, this is a story about power, love, and ambition. This is the Ultimatum.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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AlekhChapman edited an action in "Scene 13" on 02/14/2014. AlekhChapman made 85 other changes. more
The ship zooms out into hyperspace.
AlekhChapman edited dialogue in "Scene 10" on 02/14/2014. AlekhChapman made 107 other changes. more
No, SIMON...
AlekhChapman edited dialogue in "Scene 3" on 02/13/2014. AlekhChapman made 36 other changes. more
If he is there, you are to kill him.
You will have a copy of the detailed mission plan on board the Nautilus.
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The Ultimatum Squad
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INT. int. lounge - aboard mothership - space

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