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A young woman, 28, named Regan Naya is a qualified Doctor at the main Hospital. She accidentally gets mistaken for another women named Sorcha. However, this women is an international drug trafficker who is in fact working for the government. In this underworld, the Government are preventing Regan the fight to prove her real identity. Since, they’re using her as a scapegoat to keep Sorcha out of prison. In reality Regan is an accomplished, gifted and proficient person but the Government give her Sorcha's identify claiming Regan as a notorious convict. In addition to this, Regan will face trial and we will see her charged- she will most likely be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. To sum this up, the Government frame Regan and throughout the film we see her proving her identity by secretly corresponding with a young member of the ‘Miscarriage Of Justice Committee’, named Darren- who in the end finds evidence of Regan being wrongfully convicted.

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Regan slowly steps out from car. She stands hastily, watching. She doesn't know what to do.

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