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Quick pitch

3 kids, Shane, Damon and Louis, are curious of how a Ouija Board works. One night, they try it out, but they ask all the wrong questions. They unleash a demonic being into the home, only to be given the ride of their life, to their deaths.

Project Type: Feature Film

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jacksonstone added an action in "Sleepover" on 06/24/2012. jacksonstone made 32 other changes. more
Lewis and Shane start laughing.
jacksonstone added dialogue in "Sleepover" on 06/23/2012. jacksonstone made 3 other changes. more
uhh, I dunno, my mom delayed so many fucking times!
jacksonstone added an action in "Sleepover" on 06/23/2012. more
They answer the door
est0101 joined the project! on 06/21/2012. more
jacksonstone added an action in "Sleepover" on 06/20/2012. more
They both run over to the door, and Lewis picks up the camera on the way.

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