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This is the story of Jacky, smart, beautiful, strong, a girl in high school, but when she is brutally raped, its up to her sister Meggy to help piece together the puzzle of who did this while also trying to heal her sister of the wounds that have been inflicted on her while also trying to keep together her already broken family

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everybody starts to file out of the house disturbed by what they had earlier, a lot of people having left after the screaming.
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Meggy's voice over
Every story has a beginning, even the most harrowing stories,and my story is about my sister, and our journey through hell and back as she tries to heal and I try to keep everyone else around me sane, all though know one could believe that what had happened had actually happened, especially to my sister, who we all know no one hated because she was such a sweet girl who had more friends then enemies. and it irked me to know end that someone would do this to her, and it all started because of that damn party she insisted on throwing. The one that destroyed who she was... why don't we start with when i found her...
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(voice quiet)
G-go away
( voice gets stronger and louder)
G-get the fuck away from me!

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