1. This is your first scene.

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2. This is the last Scene

Portia: [To Morocco] (With a straight face) The portal didn't pick you...
Morocco: Are you serious? *pauses* Forget this! (Turns to his robot friend) Get the zombies!
*Zombies enter and attack zombies*
*Nerissa enters and slaughters zombies*
*Portia and Nerissa tie up Morocco*
Morocco: Wait! Don't do this, I really love you, the portal's wrong, we're made for each other! You and my wives could be BFF's. I need to take care of my kids! You can't do this to me!
*Robot friend makes a comeback*
Robot: I won't let you kill my master!
* Starts shoot out between him and Nerissa, He dies*
Portia: [To Morocco] So you think that because all of the virgins in your kingdom want you that I should too? (Sarcastically) Well, it doesn't work that way. I pity the fool who thinks that he can have all of this! *Does body roll* Well you know what? FOH!
* Morocco Gets Dragged out by zombies*

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