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Cut over to Claire in the truck, the walkie talkie speaking. Even though she is close to the walkie talkie, she does not seem to hear it. After a few seconds of waiting anxiously, Greyson curses, and unstraps a pistol from his side. He looks across his left to Dusty, who is too focused on trying to ram into Sarah. He slowly takes aim, trying to get a precise shot, with his right hand holding the pistol and the other on the steering wheel. His hand leans over the car window. By this point, Claire has stopped shooting, but suddenly sees Greyson's hand outside the window. She shouts to Dusty,
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She quickly puts her arms over her head to protect herself. Dusty continues to drive ahead, his face shows signs of stress and anxiety. Another arrow hits the side of the van. Dusty quickly looks over to Sarah and starts to steer the van in her direction quickly, with the intention of hitting her. Sarah starts to twist the motorcycle handle, making it faster. She steers to the left in order to avoid the collision. Cut back to Greyson. By this point both cars are neck and neck and Greyson looks directly at Dusty. He pulls out his walkie talkie.
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They are a mix of boys and girls, the small part of The Revelers, all in their late teens. Most of them are wearing Reveler jackets. Except for the boss, all of them have knives or baseball bats. There is a slight pause. Claire looks scared for her life. Suddenly Greyson, about nineteen years old, steps in front of gang. He is very serious and seems to the leader (which he is). He is wearing dark clothing and his black hair, with tints of dark green hair dye, is covered with a baseball hat. He is of average height and looks. He is wearing a t-shirt and a pair of tattered pants. You cannot really see it, but he has no right foot. Instead he has a wooden/scrap metal replacement that is attached to the bottom of his leg, it is covered by his Doc Martens boots. He speaks calmly but angrily. He glances at the black box and potatoes that she is holding currently.
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Right after Dee says this, an arrow darts directly through the window, smashing it into pieces, barely missing Dusty and Claire, passing again through the opposite window. After the two recover, they bot sit back a bit.
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Dusty looks below and to the right side of her seat. There are a couple of levers and and buttons that position the chair (e.x. lean the back more, move up the chair, et cetera). However, there a few more levers close to the chair that look like they were not there when the car was purchased. These few levers are mostly black with a few broken pieces and rusted. They have ductape around them in various places. Claire pulls one lever, and twists another, as the chair (the whole thing) moves into the center of van. She pulls back another as the chair twists and looks right at the Heptagons' van. Dee hands her a semi automatic assault rifle, fully loaded and ready to go.

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