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Tale of time travel.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Happy Reading...
In the forum, KurtMccoy replied to Theater of the Argolia layout a year ago. more
Happy Reading...
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New Washington Territory got its name from the old one when America was being colonized, but it was not the same in any sense of the word. Colonies and states did not exist after the collapse of the world economy. In fact all of the lands east of the Mississippi River were under ocean water; there from a giant fault which sank the entire East Coast. The capitol buildings were relocated to the West Coast where the new head of American affairs was located. Other countries heralded similar tragedies, but the New World Order became expressive of something even more far-reaching than the physical world. It was made up of ethereal dimensions coexisting with those of the space around the planet, and other heavenly bodies orbiting the sun in an even greater realm of the expanding existence of past and present. It was impossible to travel into the future.
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Thanks Idah, I'm happy with whatever you make for dinner.
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I.D.A.H. with the words--Imminent Domain AI Holo-- blink across the viewer.

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