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The auction is a "swap opera", in other words The Auction is an "alternative reality fiction. It's made by an artists community which is placed in berlin Schoeneweide. the story is half true and half fiction. the footage as well is recorded half live and half in a proper fiction way.
we are now working on the Pilot, the first episode. The group is working to prepare an exhibition (13-june-2009) which is called: the legs of the spider. any contribution is welcome.

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The voice over tells the story of the candle who doent know if is better to burn and comsume itself or wait safe and tidy in a drawn witing for the right moment to burn.. at the end says that here, in this place, some more candels would be good, these people are so unorganized,... and this was even a bulb factory!
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fuckoff you all...
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the spider has a big intestine discussion about the way in which the process of the cooperation within the group has being managed. the tensions,the energies, the stress related or not with the goals and bla bla bla...

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