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It's a normal day for Justin, but has a long life ahead of him as he prepares to go to adulthood in one day. Sure, he'll be 18 the next day, but life seems to take twists and turns as he starts to be more mature. He then soon realizes that there's an island within Lopando Island in which he owns, but never realizes isn't on the map. At least he knows where it is. So, he goes to the Nesting Grounds to find some members to take along. Meanwhile, King Hardsgravel watches closely on the birds, especially Justin, who will be part of the next evil plan. They'll attempt to sabotage the private island and take control. Back at the Nesting Grounds, Justin then invites Nathan, Bluejay5678, GG, Drew, Hunter and Lightning to come along. From there, the majority of the filming will take place in Justin's private island (his house).

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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Snow then slices Justin with his sword, decapitating him. Then, the others start eating away what is left of him...

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