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A bloke is going to Mars tomorrow.

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Oh, yeh, definitely, there's a bunch, y'know in the first colonisation, that was a bit average, only a few dozen chicks went over & half of them were married up & they all looked like librarians. The second colonisation they sent a hundred chicks, I haven't seen all the pics, but some of them looked like hot lawyer chick types.
gowzi edited dialogue in "PARTY" two years ago. gowzi made 6 other changes. more
Yeh, well I've always wanted to see space & what not, see what Earth looks like from outer space, go in a rocket... Colonise a new planet, that sort of thing.
gowzi edited dialogue in "EXT. PAVEMENT" two years ago. gowzi made 2 other changes. more
What do you even get for a bloke who's going to Mars?
gowzi edited an action in "PARTY LAP DANCE" two years ago. gowzi made 26 other changes. more
Inside the house, the front door. The doorbell rings. A few seconds later The Bloke opens the door. We see the bloke opening the door. Now we can see a nice long shot of the frontdoor scene. The Bloke is in the background, standing by the open door, there's a fatogram in the doorway. There are punters in the foreground, out of focus, enjoying the party, occasionally walking in front of the action and obscuring the view.
gowzi edited dialogue in "PARTY" two years ago. gowzi made 12 other changes. more
G'day everyone, this is Barry, please be especial nice to him, he's an Engineer with Australian Aeronautical & he's going away to Mars for a little interstellar trip tomorrow. They said it was heaps 2-way, like a return trip & everything, that it would probly just be about 5 years, maybe 10, but that they have to discuss the details on arrival. Which sounds pretty sweet, ay Barry.

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