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Quick pitch

I wake up to find myself in a house I don't know, I don't know who I am, where I am, or why I am here. All I know is that I'm having visions of a woman named Deborah Wright, a friend or foe I do not know. She won't even tell me my name.
Who am I
Where am I
Why am I here
Why did I come to be here
Who is Wright
And why is she being so nice to me?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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AelitaAngel101 added a comment to Know on 02/17/2012. more
Hey Hannah, basically if you wanna create a screenplay press "create" write a title, write a description, and if you have to write a URL. I've been using plotbot since I was in fifth grade so some of my screenplays won't be as good as others.
hannah97b added a comment to Know on 02/16/2012. more
Its good. Taking me a minute to figure out how to use the website and read the darn thing, but its good. Your descriptive, don't forget to include smells thoughts sounds and "touch" if you can.
AelitaAngel101 added dialogue in "Numbers and Deaths" on 02/14/2012. AelitaAngel101 made 5 other changes. more
Black Figure
This one is slightly bugged though. He's easily frail and can get sick. They'll be moments of blackouts, delirious sayings, and psychotic actions. If we're not careful, he could kill himself.
AelitaAngel101 added an action in "Numbers and Deaths" on 02/13/2012. AelitaAngel101 made 56 other changes. more
Another black figure walks into the room.

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