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In this retold Cherokee legend, the first woman becomes angry and leaves her home. Her husband appeals to The Great One to help find her and he causes berries to grow in her path, stopping her and bringing her home. The strawberries are a symbol of luck, family, and a reminder to not let anger tear a home apart.

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NaomiM edited an action in "Scene One" on 11/21/2013. more
Wife glances over to where husband is sharpening arrow.
NaomiM edited an action in "Scene two" on 11/20/2013. NaomiM made 20 other changes. more
The Great One whirls her hands around and a service berry bush pops up in front of the woman
NaomiM added dialogue in "Scene two" on 11/20/2013. NaomiM made 41 other changes. more
(pulling brambles off herself)
Stupid berries! Why are there so many berries?
(pulls thorns out of her arm)

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