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The Forest

Scary sciFi. Set in 17th/18th century. A pupil of Issac Newton decides its easier to make money as a fake witch finder, medic. He unintentionally causes the death of a young girl. Wracked by guilt his life rapidly falls apart. Meanwhile a hideous alien presence (the castaway) goes to rest in a small remote arboreal village. It buries itself in the ground. Needing sustinance it invests the plant life and eventually turns to humans. Angelika the daughter of the local minister is raped and murdered by some soldiers, but the visito finds the body. And uses it to get the locals to go into the woods where they are horribly consumed. Starting with the children. Each victim is replaced by an evil clone. The Hero wanders into the village and realising something is wrong goes to his teacher Newton . Who is mad a this time. But postulates that like in the recent novel Robinson Crusoe, the visitor may have been stranded. Can they help it leave using the language of mathematics .......

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)
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5 scenes
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