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Quick pitch

A senior High School student known as Mr. Brown is haunted by the steps of Glycolysis.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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ibrowvoltex added an action in "Restarting the Cycle" on 10/16/2013. ibrowvoltex made 40 other changes. more
Cut around the corner to MR. BLACK and MR. BROWN, who glance at each other and smile wickedly.
ibrowvoltex added an action in "The Encounter" on 10/16/2013. ibrowvoltex made 17 other changes. more
As MR. BROWN flees through the school, a mysterious figure continues to pop up in front of him and behind him.
ibrowvoltex added dialogue in "The Library" on 10/15/2013. ibrowvoltex made 28 other changes. more
Of course. It's the metabolic pathway that
ibrowvoltex added a new scene titled "The First Sightings" on 10/15/2013. ibrowvoltex made 4 other changes. more

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