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The Invisible Future is a story that gives us some perspective and a way to reflect on the fact that we all end up somewhere; and often the habits we form and the skills we acquire directly impact where, and in what condition.

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INT. INT. – DIMLY LIT BASKETBALL GYM – NIGHT The ethereal music fades and is replaced by the sound of echoing footsteps on a gym floor. Soft string accompaniment gradually underscores the narrator’s introduction. [The narrator’s voice, which was booming yet distant in scene 1, is now crisp and immediate.] NARRATOR Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I could tell myself back then, what I know now?” Have you ever though about how different your life might have been? The narrator steps into the light and looks directly into the camera. NARRATOR The truth is, we all have an invisible future. And getting there is largely a matter of trajectory. Who we are, who we have become, and who we are becoming, has a lot to do with who we were, what we believed – about others and about ourselves – and where we placed our trust, back then. The narrator winces, as if in physical pain. NARRATOR It wasn’t until years later as grown men, for most of us, that we began to see a pattern in our accomplishments. Mentors who blazed a trail for us and led us along life’s journeys – we call it Brothering, and peers who cared about us, who saw the best in us and held us to that standard, and wouldn’t let us forget it, even when we couldn’t see it in ourselves – we call that Brotherhood. The narrator hangs his head. NARRATOR Iron and fire began as an idea. An idea that words matter. That the things we do and say now, may very well save or entrap us, tomorrow. In the beginning we said we were, forging the next generation. We talked about the blacksmith’s hammer and the cleansing fire and the precision of each stroke. And then something happened. Our brothers in the ministry grew up and moved on. They took the things they learned to school and into the work place. They sought out other brothers, and they held each other accountable and they put down roots. Some of them fell in love. One of them just got married. The narrator speaks quietly, and emotionally. NARRATOR And when, with tears in his eyes, he explained that while he hadn’t always felt manly by society’s standards, he now knew what it took to be a son, and a brother, and a husband; that he knew what it meant to be the kind of man his wife could count on, the kind of man that would make a good father. And if it hadn’t been for IRON and FIRE, he could have easily lost his way. And he wanted to thank us, not just for his sake, but for his childrens’ sake.
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