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Quick pitch

t's the middle of the night. A cold breeze blows into the apartment from an open window. Mary wakes suddenly. She shivers and groans. "You left the window open again.", Mary says to her boyfriend who is sleeping next to her. She hears his steady breathing and becomes even more annoyed. Mary gets out of bed and starts closing the window.

As she is straining with the window a mosquito flys in. Mary slaps her neck. She looks at her hand and a good deal of blood is on her hand. Mary runs over to the mirror to look. She dabs the blood on her neck with a tissue, but it keeps coming. "What the fuck?" She finds a small cut on her neck. Her boyfriend just keeps sleeping.

In fact her boyfriend is not breathing, he is dead, his throat is cut ear to ear. A killer crouches in the shadows holding a bloody razor, breathing steadily, watching her with psychotic eyes.

Project Type: Short Film

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oliverwolfson edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 09/08/2014. oliverwolfson made 18 other changes. more
SAM turns his head slowly towards Mary. He is trembling and looks terrified. He tries to speak, but blood spurts from his mouth.
thomaswanhoff commented on dialogue. on 08/31/2014. more
I can't see a mosquito leaving a mark. its a bite, so what?
oliverwolfson edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 08/30/2014. oliverwolfson made 13 other changes. more
SAM tries to speak, but he makes nothing but a choking sound, and blood runs out of his mouth.
oliverwolfson edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 08/29/2014. oliverwolfson made 77 other changes. more
MARY reaches for a tissue. As she turns he head she sees the bathtub. SAM's arm dangles over the edge of the bathtub dripping with blood. His dead body, slashed to bits, is slumped in the bathtub.
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