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HarleyQuinnalinlin edited dialogue in "Erik's Plan" on 12/03/2013. HarleyQuinnalinlin made 2 other changes. more
You must chose; the wedding mass or the requiem mass! I cannot go on living like this, like a mole in a burrow! If you chose to love me, I promise you I will be as gentle as a lamb and you could do anything with me that you pleased.
HarleyQuinnalinlin added an action in "Erik's Plan" on 12/01/2013. HarleyQuinnalinlin made 5 other changes. more
RAOUL and the PERSIAN are still in the torture chamber. They hear a door open beyond the looking-glass walls. They press their ears against the wall.
HarleyQuinnalinlin edited a slugline in "In the Cellars of the Opera" on 11/30/2013. HarleyQuinnalinlin made 48 other changes. more
INT. 84 int. (or ext. you never know!) torture chamber
HarleyQuinnalinlin added an action in "In the Cellars of the Opera" on 11/30/2013. HarleyQuinnalinlin made 29 other changes. more
RAOUL raises his hand. The two continue, down many flights of stairs.
HarleyQuinnalinlin added dialogue in "A Master-Stroke of the Trap-Door Lover" on 11/30/2013. HarleyQuinnalinlin made 4 other changes. more
That man has no friends. I simply had the misfurtune of making his aquantiance.

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