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lovexenvy added an action in "Leaving/Getting in bed" on 04/13/2009. lovexenvy made 62 other changes. more
Back in real-time, ONE lays in his usual lonesome position, and turns the light off.
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After the walk, he finally arrives at Grant Park. He walks the park awhile, recalling past memories of previous visits. Another quick flashback cut of him with a girl walking the same park occur. Back in real-time, he then sits on a nearby bench an observes the people who pass him by. Joggers, young couples, couples pushing strollers for their young children, etc. He looks at them as yet another quick flashback cut occurs of him sitting on the same bench with the same girl, her head resting on his shoulder, completely ignoring anyone who passes by. Now that he is alone, he notices all the things he ignored before. It seems to him as if everyone else is happy around him, and he isn't. Until, off in the distance, he sees a guy and a girl arguing until the guy gets fed up with the arguement and walks away from her. At this point, ONE pulls out a reciept from his pocket, rips it in half, throws on half on the ground and keeps one half. He then pulls out a pen and begins to write on it. When he is finished he walks over to the guy who walked away and hands him the slip of paper. The guy, confused, takes the paper, reads it, looks back at him a little taken back. ONE gives him a quick nod and then begins to leave the park. The guy just stands there and watches him walk away, speechless. Now, we switch between shots of ONE walking back to the train station and the guy walking toward the girl, sitting down with her head in her hands. As ONE enters the train to go home, we also see the guy sit next to the girl and console her. After a few moments they embrace one another until the camera pans away. Then we cut to ONE sitting on the train home in the same position as last time, with the same expression.
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