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Quick pitch

This is a short story about two men, one is a unpopular, unfriendly geek who studies Psychology on his free time (which is a lot) and a powerful speaker who brags about his rhetoric and how captivating he is.

There is one man who brags that he is a really good speaker and his worda are really powerful; he can sway an audience, inspire people, make people do his will, or he can really kill a person with his words by making him feel bad. there is another man who studies psychology in book and the internet, mostly the internet., he isn't very popular, hes a geek and he is interseted in the way people behave. one day both ot of them who don't know eachother are downtown. the psych guy is downtown telling people they are are and practicing his studies and he usually makes people feel bad. the power speaker is just waiting downtown for a bus to go to work. the psch guy starts talking to the speaker telling his thinkgs he thinks he know and telling him he is shy or insecure about his hair. then the speaker counters at him by disproving him and making him feel bad, pick at him , and then he tells the psych guy he should do the citizens of downtown a favor a and get hit by a bus.the psych guy cries, the speaker leaves for work. at work he hears a bout a man who got ran over by a bus downtown. the speaker realizes he was resposible about that, he feels the burdan and guilt. he used his power for evil instead of for good.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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