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You weren't being rude. I understand.
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No thank GOD. Going to head to the bookstore I think. I could use another good read. Get my mind off things.
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What like you're defective? No. THEY are defective. WE are fine. I just don't think we're looking in the right places
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VINCENT is driving in his CAR and cuts to MARIE pulling back in to her OFFICE. She gets out and walks to her DESK. She quickly pulls out a COMPACT and puts her LIPSTICK on. Her boss JOHN walks by and acknowledges her with a nod. She grins widely and has LIPSTICK on her TEETH. He looks at her again and motions that she has something on her teeth. Panic stricken she takes the COMPACT out and rubs it off to look up and see that he is no longer there. She sighs in frustration. Cuts to VINCENT pulling into the APARTMENT COMPLEX that both he and MARIE live in. He goes into his spotless APARTMENT and throws the KEYS on the couch. Shot of him pulling out an old CARDBOARD BOX and putting in a toothbrush, hairbrush, clothes and other items belonging to his soon to be ex. He gets DUCT TAPE and seals off the BOX. He opens his door and drops it carelessly on the ground. It reads "Your Shit." Cuts to MARIE still at her office. She is yawning at her desk and going through her matches on a DATING WEBSITE. She is deleting her inbox unimpressed. She then sees a potential prospect and types "Hello how are you? Would you like to get together sometime?" She seems pleased with herself. Her CELL vibrates. She picks it up. It's HER ex and it says "I want my shit back" under the contact "Satan." She angrily texts back "Then come by later and get it. I'll leave it by the door." Cut to VINCENT sitting on the couch playing with his PHONE, stalling. He then begins to dial. Cut to MARIE leaving the office and approaching the apt complex. VINCENT is pacing and yelling on the phone. MARIE gets out of the ELEVATOR and sees VINCENT'S box outside his apt. She can hear him yelling through the door. She enters her messy apt and her two CATS come to greet her. She pets them and makes her way over to the already packed box marked "Your Shit." She takes a sharpie and crosses out the "your" and puts "Chris'" so there is no confusion as to which box belongs to whom. She takes it outside and finds her COUCH amidst all the BLANKETS and PILLOWS and sits down. VINCENT closes his PHONE and throws it. MARIE opens a wooden box of WEED on her coffee table next to her BONG and begins to make a bowl just as there is a knock at the door.

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