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When a portal to Asgard ends up in another realm, Earth is being threatened yet again. In an attempt to re-assemble the Avengers, a new team is formed. One that seems to be able to solve their problem. What's this team? Nobody knows. We just call them The Team.

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What's weird.
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Alright, but I think I might need to re-calibrate the
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Great. Maybe I'll sleep properly, for once.
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What the hell?
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Darcy reaches over to the TABLE in front of the sofa and grabs two METAL CANS and a PIECE OF PAPER. She stands back and throws in the first metal can. The can hits the light sheet and vanishes. About four seconds later, the same metal can returns, flying out and hitting the ground, but it is on FIRE. Jane and Darcy YELL and move away.

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