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John Wilson might be the most ordinary kid you've met; a best friend named Jack, a girlfriend named Myra, and a tendency to see beyond the veil of reality. Sure, he's the picture of the All-American high school boy, but once Amelia bursts into his life in a cloud of chloroform and secret organizations created to fight unknowable monsters, a few things change for him.

He learns to turn into a bird for one thing. He learns about destinies and prophesies and promises impossible to keep. He learns that the world may be unfair and cold and cruel, but it's also a bit fucked up.

He's the All-American high school kid. But the people around him sure as hell aren't.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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There is a girl standing behind him clutching a large sack
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Well what do you think, should it be bros before hoes or the other way-- whoa, you sure you're okay?
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John doesn't tear his eyes
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Uh, yeah

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