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cbj10131 edited dialogue in "Who Is Grey Channing" on 01/20/2015. cbj10131 made 16 other changes. more
But, none of these even come close. Picture this -- You're the main character in a love story... Okay, maybe you're like third to last least important character in the love story... whatever, that's not the fucking point. You're at that time and place where you just know you're about to go all out and win the girl. The two of you are gonna fall madly in love and shit. Hello to happy ever after. Or so you think . . . Instead, the shit stick author kills you... but, the ringer is that he doesn't write you out of the story. No, he's gotta be a real dick and leave you right smack in the goddamned middle of it... as the dead guy that's in love with a girl that barely knew him. You heard right... I'm dead.
cbj10131 edited an action in "The Air Jerk" on 07/26/2014. more
Grey repeats the air jerk motion and puts his hand in Ben's face. Ben swats Grey's hand down multiple times.
cbj10131 inserted an action in "The Air Jerk" on 05/31/2014. cbj10131 made 26 other changes. more
Al talks with a very typical stoned out of his mind tempo.
cbj10131 added dialogue in "The Air Jerk" on 05/31/2014. cbj10131 made 25 other changes. more
Are you guys talking about that girl you're shacking up with? Dude, you're totally creeping.
cbj10131 added an action in "The Air Jerk" on 05/31/2014. cbj10131 made 79 other changes. more

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