This Way, Madness

By J.B. Pravda © 2008

It is the late 19th century, fin de seicle America; two Irish immigrants, one 40ish, the other late 20s, are part of a NY gang, the Westies, which is losing its grip on the city’s Hell’s Kitchen due to a flood of many ethnic competitors. When a brother to the oldest is murdered mysteriously, they decide to pursue the killer or killers West both as a way of saving face in the gang world and on the seemingly strong clues offered by one of those new rivals, a West Indian sharpie, currently paying tribute to the Westies for his piece of the booming street walker game. One such clue is that her family was rumored to have actively practiced witchcraft in her native Ireland, another that she was raped.

Following the trail of a woman formerly in the black man’s stable, they learn that her connection to the murder centers around a dead infant, the apparent product of rape by the dead brother----just how and why the child is dead could lead to a place called madness.

William H. Bonney, BTK and Audrey More share the same father; their mothers, both unwilling prostitutes in New York's Hell's Kitchen, are reputedly possessed of witchcraft skills. Audrey is in the stable of a Haitian emigre pimp who has ingratiated himself to the local Irish mob; one of her regular Johns is the older brother of Gabe and has impregnated her.

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