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Quick pitch

The story depicts a man troubled by his own being. by the thoughts that plague his mind, the ideas he construes, the situations, the unhealthiness that comes from how he sees others, his friends, family, everyone. He is susceptible to the critiques of others and bases his life off of what he believes the "higher road" despite the fact that he rarely travels this world. He has strong emotions, though cannot adequately express them, or rather chooses not to as a means of keeping his life simple, uncomplicated, and diluding drama as much as possible. He is irritated by everyone around him, more so by himself. His only possible form of resolve of rescue is the friends he most despises....he hates when others are around him, but he needs the company in order to sustain a practical lifestyle, in or to keep sanity in a time of his life where sanity is so taboo to him. The things he abhors the most, are the only things which can procure salvation for this daunted soul.

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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I'm still you're only friend, until I find someone who's willing to take risks.
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Am I losing my I losing me....I can't feel, I can't understand. What's happening to me? How can this
(A quiet voice intervines)
Breathe and relax, stay calm....
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Matt: Voiceover
Ya know, I sometimes think why conversation was ever a lost art. I have to go....should I go? I don't know. But to stay here....and listen to this, this, petty talk....I might excercise my human right to take my own life if he continues to smack his lips at me....dammit, shut up, I can't take this anymore. I'm going to smack him, no, I can't smack him....I'll feel bad. But, I'll be in a coma within a matter of minutes if I don't stop him. I WANT YOU TO STOP TALKING........
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Cut to the camera staying on Matt as he walks out of an older building, probably the building housing the classroom he was just in. He keeps to himself as he keeps his head down and walks in a somber style. He slowly creeps up the pathway leading to another part of the campus out of sight to the audience.

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