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Quick pitch

A year after his beloved wife was killed in a tragic car accident, widower Mike Bevins still grieves. He has lost his job and become suicidally depressed. As he prepares to take his own life, a knock on the door stops him.

Answering it provides a possible solution, in the form of a scientist, who offers him the chance to save his wife - before she dies - by being the guinea pig for a time travel experiment. Thinking it an answer to prayers, Mike jumps at the opportunity after considering his options, knowing it may be a one-way trip with no guarantee of success.

The experiment transports Mike back to the scene of the accident, just before his wife drives by. Knowing he doesn't have much time, Mike snatches a "Road Closed" sign from a nearly county road and places it on the highway, at a fork in the road. Mike's wife sees the sign and veers to the left, thus avoiding the upcoming conflict with the deer.

The next scene is that of Mike and his wife happily working together in their front lawn. A car stops at the curb across the street from Mike. The previously seen scientist emerges. He and Mike exchange glances. Mike feels as if he should know him but can't quite place why. The scientist walks up to the house his car is parked in front of and knocks on the front door. A man opens the door, his face etched with emotional pain.

The closing scene is a flashback to the accident site just after Mike performs his heroics. A car is seen turning onto a county road, the same one that sported the "Road Closed" sign before Mike absconded with it. The camera pans up ahead of the vehicle to reveal a crumbled bridge and a deep, jagged ravine below it.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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eroc57 inserted an action in "Scene 11: epilogue" two years ago. eroc57 made 2 other changes. more
...a female, 30ish, grips the steering wheel with white knuckles such that a wedding ring can be seen on her left ring finger. She appears confused, looking first left and then right.
eroc57 edited an action in "Scene 9: act...and hope." two years ago. eroc57 made 15 other changes. more
...Mike materializes a few feet from it, appearing ghost-like. He
eroc57 edited an action in "Scene 5: reminiscing" two years ago. eroc57 made 5 other changes. more
Mike stands up but is wobbly. He starts toward the kitchen but, in his inebriated state, trips on a coffee table leg and falls flat on his face, smacking his head on a chair arm on the way down.
eroc57 inserted a slugline in "Scene 11: epilogue" two years ago. eroc57 made 2 other changes. more
INT. ext. side road
eroc57 edited an action in "Scene 9: act...and hope." two years ago. eroc57 made 24 other changes. more
Mike returns to the sign. He bends over, reaches down, and picks it up, but, after taking only a step, suddenly disappears! The sign drops to the pavement.

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