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12 minute scene depicting the death of Bassianus and the Rape of Lavinia. Film focuses on Tamora's inner dialogue and her reasons for allowing her sons to rape Lavinia in an attempt to make her seem like a more sympathetic character

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No grace, no womanhood? Ah, beastly creature!The blot and enemy to our general name!Confusion fall--
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INT. Tamora: Driven by her need to revenge herself for everything that has happened to her since her capture. Her sons death, humiliation, city destroyed
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Who have we here? Rome's royal empress,Unfurnish'd
(double entendre)
of her well-beseeming troop?Or is it Dian, habited like her,
(alluding to Tamora’s nakedness)
Who hath abandoned her holy grovesTo see the general hunting in this forest?
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blah blah

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