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Tom Timer has an immaculate sense of timing, he goes by his day to day ordinary life, timing everything immaculately. Until one day, fate drops him in a untimely situation, and he has to use his immaculate sense of timing to save the world as we know it.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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He goes downstairs, into the kitchen and does all of the above. He goes into the living room, picks up his watch, and updates the reading, just like everyday. On his way back to the kitchen Tom lifts his arm, opens his hand. With that the mail falls perfecting into Tom's hand as he passes the front door. He continues into the kitchen and places his letters on the table. He walks to the back door, opens it, the dogs runs in having just finished its business with the garden. Tom closes the back door. He walks past the toaster just as his toast jumps out, he catches the toast with his left hand... immaculately. He places them on the plate. He reaches out with his right hand, and grabs the kettle, it clicks off, he lifts and pours it into his favourite mug, the water turning brown as it combines with the tea-bag. Tom sits with his breakfast, while opening and looking through his mail, as well as reading the paper.
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