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LaLa is a toon who has to venture into the real world to retrieve the Six Great Toons before the Boringness takes over ToonLand

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Snowleaf edited dialogue in "Scene Seven" on 04/13/2011. Snowleaf made 3 other changes. more
Kasey and Mac together
Mad awesome
Snowleaf edited dialogue in "Scene 2" on 04/13/2011. Snowleaf made 9 other changes. more
Don't forget you're the toon princess use your toon powers whenever you need them go get the Six and LaLa
(rolls eyes)
good luck
Snowleaf deleted the scene "Scene 5" on 04/12/2011. Snowleaf made 40 other changes. more
Snowleaf inserted dialogue in "Scene Seven" on 04/11/2011. Snowleaf made 97 other changes. more
Lily (frowns)
You know I don't actually know we often don't think of these things as toons its all about having fun but now that you mention it it is a bit weird the portals usually only open up if my dad calls on them
Snowleaf added an action in "Scene 6" on 04/11/2011. Snowleaf made 89 other changes. more
Lily turns to tell Kasey how cool she is when she bangs into a locker which causes cartoon stars and birds to fly around her head

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