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Driver (CONT'D)
I'd be careful up here if I was you kid. I've heard stories about this place. Sure there are your families looking for a place to raise their kids. But a lot of these people have moved up here to hide. Criminals, sexual predators, ex-mobsters, crazies.
mmascia edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 09/04/2013. mmascia made 3 other changes. more
It is night. We are looking into a family's home from someone's POV. The family members disperse finishing dinner. The mother takes plates to the kitchen sink while the father sorts through some mail. We hear BARKING and our attention is diverted to a dog.
mmascia added an action in "CLARK WITH PARENTS" on 09/02/2013. mmascia made 80 other changes. more
Clark walks out of the bathroom in a towel, having just showered. He gets some clothes out of a dresser drawer and notices something on the floor by the door. He walks over and we see from his POV its a picture of the dog walker picking her nose. Clark chuckles and turns it over, the back reads "Gross".
mmascia added an action in "CLARK WITH PARENTS" on 09/01/2013. mmascia made 27 other changes. more
The door closes and Clark is once again alone.
mmascia edited dialogue in "CLARK WITH PARENTS" on 09/01/2013. mmascia made 118 other changes. more
Old Man
Why Clark, if you aren't a spitting image of your dear mother!

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