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Quick pitch

Koti, Hala, and Aut have always been best friends. They live in a monastic ashram school in Bengal, where they (supposedly) live as monks. But one day Koti figures out a way to escape from the compound by night — and changes all of their lives forever.

Koti and Hala start making nightly trips to the outside world. Koti becomes obsessed, ceasing to care about his duties and relationships within the compound. Aut distances himself, and eventually Hala does too. But even though Koti's transgressions are at first innocent, and the disassociation of Hala and Aut from him would seem to be effective in their avoiding trouble, how easy is it to escape the ideas that become implanted in one's own mind?

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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Please let me remember you, Krishna.
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Aut sees something out of the window and he calls Srivas to look. The two laugh about it.
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INT. int. van - day
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